Henry Si Mai considers to produce MDI in global enlarge
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Company of henry Si Mai already began design and feasibility research, the plan builds in Dutch Rozenburg investment new, the methylene of world dimensions 2 phenyl ester of 2 different cyanic acid (MDI) device, will increase its to be produced in global MDI with this can. Final investment is decision-making predict to was made 2008, predict to projected postpartum will new increase production 2011 can 400 thousand T/a. Final plan still may include to close a few inefficient old plant that are in Europe. This plan returns with a view to to pass in firedamp of aniline, 2 benzene 2 amine (MDA) the technology that has own intellectual property is used to be in 3 main areas to enlarge henry in be being produced with MDI Si Mai's MDI and its are downstream. This company says, new technology is more previous craft can carry what highland expects to close not only rate, still can make can effect raises 40 % .