Division get together inferior the company that buys a technology of world banne
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Division get together inferior announce to already bought Ba Xin of hold of place of Croda International Plc to pause stock of chemical limited company, buy valence to be cash of 13 million pound (26 million dollar) , oppose a scale from 53.5% rise to 100% .
Cite division gets together inferior the word of Robert Wedinger of manager of branch of special type chemical says: "Division get together inferior see Baxindu disperses in polyurethane polyurethane of agent, special type gets together beforehand content and close model the tremendous potential of domain of ester of different cyanic acid, pause through buying Ba Xin now, so tremendous business opportunity also is belonged to division get together inferior. " buy Baxindu to be able to not give solely division get together inferior bring technology and manufacturing experiential complementary, be in especially high-powered polyurethane respect, and still can optimize its product and service structure.