Borsod chemical company quickens MDI enlarge to be able to plan
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Borsod chemical company says, it made development methylene be opposite below its inherent program 2 inferior ester of phenyl different cyanic acid (MDI) the grand plan that produces technology. This company plans the MDI that the 2~3 in future makes its are located in Kazincbarcika inside year to device solves bottleneck and can come from enlarge of 180 thousand T/a 30 late T/a. This company still says, it already filed patent for this technology, a key of this technology is improved was to develop a kind of more effective phosgene to change a technology, it can reduce the by-product that does not hope to generate apparently. This company says, it already can design those who exceed 400 thousand T/a to make at present the technology unit of MDI of benzene translate into. At present the project devotes oneself to the MDI device to a 120 thousand T/a to solve bottleneck centrally, plan at 2011~2012 year make its are produced can enlarge 240 thousand T/a. Borsod chemical company still is running the MDI unit of a 60 thousand T/a in Kazincbarcika. In addition, the toluene that this company is building a 200 thousand T/a in the place ester of 2 different cyanic acid (TDI) device, plan on July 1, 2009 put into production. Borsod chemical company still has the TDI unit of a 90 thousand T/a in the place, the plan can come through solving bottleneck enlarge 100 thousand T/a.