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Do obeisance to ear to be located in Shanghai Cao short for the Jinghe River the HDI device at the put into production at the beginning of 2007, current yield can achieve 30 thousand tons, as we have learned, base area division develops a case, do obeisance to ear general with annual 20000 tons speed undertakes enlarge is produced, final amount produces spread 50000 tons.   
Because HDI is in China to still belong to high-end application domain, market demand and domestic company production still are among be pregnant with, but the further progress as coating market, what the unifinication that do obeisance to ear produces is farther perfect, the manufacturing market prospect of the HDI that do obeisance to ear is capacious. In addition, this company near future just announced a plan to build new polyurethane in Shanghai unifinication base dispersive body produces establishment, produce per year a quantity 20000 tons, the 2nd quarter built go into operation 2008.
At present the production of our country HDI basically is given priority to with foreign capital enterprise, take the market in order to do obeisance to the unit of world-class HDI production of ear among them main portion.