With a view to of company of henry Si Mai is new device of ester of different cy
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Company of henry Si Mai is building a future life of buy of a new clothes to produce in Dutch Rozenburg in the consideration as polyurethane (PU) the methylene that raw material uses 2 phenyl ester of 2 different cyanic acid (MDI) . Once feasibility considers to obtain,pass, new clothes buy will 2011 put into production, the yield that has 400 thousand T/a can. After put into production of new clothes buy, this company still considers to close a few old plant that are in Europe. Additional, this company plan uses new technology a future life to produce MDI to reach its on new clothes buy the body intermediate, be like aniline, methylene 2 aniline (MDA) etc, this are new the technology can increase child to close lead and of rearm can effect. Estimation of company of henry Si Mai is current MDI market with annual the rate of 8% rises, in the Asia, the water transport short for the Jinghe River that this company is planning to be in China builds plant of a MDI, prep above of MDI demand increase rate 10% .