Chemistry of contented family name considers to enlarge TDI to produce in Brazil
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Company of chemistry of contented family name says, it is undertaking a feasibility studies, in order to expand in the toluene of Brazilian Camacari ester of 2 different cyanic acid (TDI) device is produced can. Enlarge can plan to still include to use a kind of new technology, make Camacari device change produces device into a world-class. Addition yield can will use at satisfying polyurethane of Latin America area (PU) the demand that product terminal user increases ceaselessly. Company of chemistry of contented family name predicts this year the 4th quarter makes the investment that issues put oneself in another's position decision-making, if obtain,pass, new clothes buy will 2011 put into production. Company of chemistry of contented family name says it is the TDI production business with Latin America the biggest area, always produce can amount to 60 thousand T/a. This company is forecasted before 2015, the GDP of Latin America area will with 1% ~ the rate of 2% rises. At the same time Borsod chemical company is building the TDI plant of a 200 thousand T/a in Hungarian Kazincbarcika, plan in July 2009 put into production. Borsod chemical company still is running unit of a 90 thousand T/aTDI in the place, planning to be able to come through solving bottleneck enlarge 100 thousand T/a.