Polyurethane Additives Evonik price October 15
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Evonik learned from the aspects: Since October 15, 2010 onwards, or in accordance with the terms of the contract, Evonik will be a global price increase for all its polyurethane additives € 0.35 / kg. Including TEGOSTAB ® silicone stabilizers, GORAPUR ® release agent, TEGOAMIN ® catalysts and ORTEGOL ® and other products. Tin-based catalyst (KOSMOS ®) the price will be decided. Evonik has been committed to reducing the shortage of raw materials, transportation and poor, rising labor costs and other factors caused the cost of upgrading to ensure a reliable supply of products and the company's sustainable development. The price adjustment is the product of these factors in order to avoid the adverse impact of supply and to ensure that Evonik will continue in the future to provide customers with high quality products and services.