Adhesive of a kind of new-style annulus oxygen polyamide
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Epoxy resin be waited for equivalent after amine compound or solidify of polybasic acid anhydride, have very high adhesive bonding strength to the material such as glass, pottery and porcelain and metal. Because performance of annulus oxygen adhesive is superior, they are in not only second bear extremely wide application received in force structure, also begin to apply Yu Mou some advocate bear in force structure.

The annulus oxygen adhesive that makes up for solidify agent with polyamide is had come off intensity and shear strength tenacity of tall, concussion is good, fatigue intensity is high, be able to bear or endure the characteristic such as water oil resistant, use in harsher environment still often have longer service life. Considering the execution condition of certain type, developed a kind to apply to ocean environment here, can stick receive rubber slab and armor plate and ribbon lacquer armor plate, can be in cold curing, have anti-current to drip gender, working life is in 3 ~ the adhesive of annulus oxygen polyamide of 4 h , to this adhesive stick receive intensity, seawater resistance can, ageing resistance can reach the denaturation that fight squirm to be able to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation.

More and detailed content: .doc of a kind of new-style adhesive of annulus oxygen polyamide