Tung anhydride and methylic anhydride of 4 hydrogen benzene is compound system o
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Epoxy resin is one kind has the heat of the function such as good caking property, anti-corrosive, electric insulation, high strenth solid sex high polymer synthesizes material, can gift the mechanical performance with good composite material and physical function; System of solidify of epoxy resin acid anhydride reacts because of its solidify slow, exothermic measures the hot firm with become a kind small, shrinkage is low and main sexual colophony. Methylic anhydride of 4 hydrogen benzene (the agent of acid anhydride solidify that MeTHPA) is cricoid structure, the hear resistance of it and child of epoxy resin solidify is tall, mechanical intensity and electric performance are good, but the motion inside not incidental element, for brittleness solidify agent. Tung-oil is our country important natural but resource of second birth plant, its produce per year a quantity to amount to 100kt above, 80% what hold output of world tung oil, 60% what hold world sale. In all sorts of oil kind in the drying of tung-oil is best, film has its oil to be not stuck stably, adherent force is powerful, be able to bear or endure water, alkali resistance, be able to bear or endure the function such as solar air. (Article origin is round-the-world polyurethane net)
2, the mechanical token of epoxy resin and MeTHPA/MeMA solidify process
(Tensile strength analyses 1)
Choose MeTHPA and MeMA to regard solidify as the agent, by the watch 1 gives scale and epoxy resin 618 solidify, determine the tensile strength of solidify child, the result sees a table 2.
Express 2 different the drawing of the system of solidify of acid anhydride of epoxy resin 618/ that deserves to compare is strongSpend
ω (MeTHPA)/% 100 90 80 60 40 average tensile strength / MPa 65 64 58 52 48
Solidify condition: 5h of 100 ℃ 2h, 120 ℃ 2h, 140 ℃ . When MeMA the quality mark in solidify agent is added 10% when, the tensile strength of condensate changes (reduce) not apparent. Increase to when affiliation quality mark 20% when, tensile strength slowdown becomes fast. Because be in the drawing process of substance of the form that be not brilliant,this is, molecular catenary produces stretch deformation, basically be the general flexibility that by the key inside molecular catenary the metabolic place of horn of long, key brings about can be reached. The key intensity that the key strength that after joining MeMA, combines as a result of MeMA and epoxy resin is less than MeTHPA and epoxy resin union, bring about tensile strength to reduce.
(Flexural strength analyses 2)
The recipe of condensate is the same as tensile strength, flexural strength determines to see a table as a result 3. (Article origin is round-the-world polyurethane net)
Express 3 different the flexural strength of the system of solidify of acid anhydride of epoxy resin 618/ that deserves to compare
ω (MeTHPA)/% average flexural strength / MPa curves a model on average to measure / MPa 100 125 3048 90 124 2939 80 122 2832 60 112 2746 40 99 2699
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