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Thailand reduced car duty to spur the demand of alcohol fuel now
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Thailand government announced a few days ago, since January 1, 2008, will use concoctive benzine of 20 % polyurethane (the car tax rate of E20) is 25 % surely, under groovy car the tax rate of 30 % , in order to promote the market the demand to alcohol fuel.

Government of new tax rate prep above plans E20 car formerly the tax rate of 20 % , the tax rate of 20 % will be carried out since January 2009, and the car tax rate that is fuel with natural gas at present is 20 % . According to estimation, the car of 30 thousand E20 that there will be Feng Tian and the manufacturing business production such as this field company 2008 is cast with. Thailand sells now concoctive the benzine of 10 % alcohol, also say for Gasohol, occupy Thailand the 20 % of sale of gas of day of 24 million litres of / .

Company of Bangchak of local refine oiler predicts to was supplied 2008 concoctive the benzine of 20 % alcohol. According to saying, sale E20 benzine will conduce to the problem that solves Thailand alcohol supply exceeds demand. Thailand government plans octane number of will all RON oneself the benzine instead of 95 since benzine of 10 % alcohol, alcohol raw material is fast grow in quantity, the gas that calls Gasohol 95 also comes out at the beginning of 2007.