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Li Jinji is " the star that self-improvement does poineering work " candidate
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Brief introduction of Li Jinji's individual

Li Jinji, male, 39 years old, heilongjiang Xin fills general manager of chemical limited company.

Main outstanding achievement:

1998, funds raised by oneself after come off sentry duty of Comrade Li Jinji 300 thousand yuan established Heilongjiang saves Xin to contain chemical limited company, basically produce polyurethane raw material. Poineering initial stage, his since manager is a worker, it is engineer and sale member. To master the cold-resistant sex of the product, the wind that he is in two degrees 0 times continuously spent a few months in snow.

Pass tough field test for many times, li Jinji mastered the attribute with polyurethane epispastic low temperature, make the applied domain of polyurethane is able to widen, got the height of concerned expert is evaluated. Manage through hardship of a few years, company production value from 2001 millions of jumping go to 10 thousand yuan thousands of of 2003, tax of profit of turn over to the higher authorities also grows 400 thousand yuan from thousands of yuan.

Li Jinji cares weak force group, sympathize with disabled sufferings, solved a lot of real problems for the disabled. He enters social commonweal activity actively, beautiful is built to change elementary school in n city; Contribution 30 thousand multivariate undergraduate of help poverty disabled and old person of orphans and widows; Contribution is Ningxia 10 thousand yuan renovate of family of impoverished disabled of a country bridal chamber, sent old color television and freezer. Aided incomplete day 2007, he still aided financially undergraduate of 5 impoverished disableds to help their finish school. Since 2003, li Jinji attends company of magazine of disabled of association of person of Chinese limb incomplete, China actively all the time to initiate " culture aids incomplete • love to give print " activity, subscribed to for many 30 impoverished disabled the press.