Expert: polyurethane soles shelf life of up to 5 years
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Polyurethane soles in order to further explore the use in production, the author is responsible for O'Connell interview a person in charge of production management. The responsible person, polyurethane soles are divided into low-end high school. High-quality polyurethane soles from the formula to the process to production requirements more stringent, from shoes after leaving the factory, up to 5-year shelf life. The shoes have soles that are mostly high-end shoes, the price is relatively high. In general, medium-priced shoes soles of polyurethane used in the 2 years shelf life, but also in the 1-year shelf life. Speaking soles as "rubbish" the same situation, the official said, it is the sole oxidation phenomenon. If the shoes are stored for too long, his shoes will be some chemical reaction that causes the sole began to fall off piece by piece.