Polyurethane Foam Forum 2010 will be the grand opening Friday
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Global Network on August 3 polyurethane hearing four to Friday this week, the International Polyurethane Summit 2010 - Foam forum grand opening in Qinghai, BASF, Bayer and other international chemical giants will all attend the meeting.

Relevant responsible person said, in previous years, including rigid foam and soft foam forum two issues, this year will be even more sub-bubbles forum is divided into rigid and flexible foam Forum Forum held twice.

He said the session, the polyurethane foam industry segments, divided into two sub-conferences, parties to better meet the needs of participants. Bubble meeting more services relative to polyurethane foam raw materials suppliers. In the case of relatively closed, to meet the downstream customers of these suppliers, but also help customers find better downstream suppliers. It is reported that the International Polyurethane Summit 2010 - soft foam in May of this year Forum was successfully held in Guangdong.