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In recent years not saturated colophony studies abroad 10
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Abroad of technology of colophony of not saturated polyester has nearly 10 years why to study progress? The expert undertook summing up, include among them: Low contractility colophony, anti-corrosive colophony, obdurability colophony, low bibulous model colophony of not saturated polyester, transparency is colophony of not saturated polyester, low colophony of the colophony of not saturated polyester that styrene incomplete measures free, PET not saturated polyester, low volatile colophony, gel coat colophony, epispastic not saturated polyester. Reach its to modified of resinous of not saturated polyester flame retardant progress of technical abroad research also made special treatise.

5, the proposal of own to home innovation and great research task

Bureau of Chinese country intellectual property discloses, china is put in intellectual property really, slant with the amount of own intellectual property related core technology, crucial technology especially the problem of on the low side of little, quality, and lack well-known trademark. The expert is acted on for the industry the service undertook afore-mentioned survey, the proposal has the following scientific research, development and industrialized job.

1, fisher of development glass reinforced plastics is special colophony, if fight leakage colophony, wear-resisting colophony, be able to bear or endure marine biology is not saturated anti-flammability colophony.

2, the industrialization of not saturated polyester develops ability in swimming.

3, research of application development of resinous of SMC special Guang Zengchou.

4, promote composite material of etc of not saturated colophony beforehand (if contain fiber bleeding agent, age resistor,wait) industrialized development.

5, high pure the production of raw material of 2 Xi industry develops double-loop the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem.

6, development of industrialization of atomic grey special resinous and market development.

7, special colophony key is in low contractive colophony, flame retardant colophony, be able to bear or endure corrupt colophony, liquid crystal colophony, piece colophony of pink of colophony of shape moulding colophony, conglomerate form moulding, direct moulding, vinyl colophony and deliver moulding colophony to wait.

8, the environment is friendly model colophony of PET not saturated polyester.

6, epilogue

Colophony of not saturated polyester is in our country nearly 10 although development is rapidder,come for years, but as bigger still than difference as foreign photograph, scale of production quality of small, product is low, breed model is controlled 500 times only, short of of quality of raw material shortage, a few new raw material asks, development of new breed technology is devoted and insufficient, place of scientific research courtyard and cooperation of manufacturing application unit remain to be strengthened further. Especially numerous small plant, because detect,the method is differred, product quality gets very hard assuring, at present this kind of low grade competes to bring a lot of hidden trouble to market of product of our country glass reinforced plastics, should cause concerned respect enough take seriously. (Article origin is round-the-world polyurethane net)
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